View Full Version : 55 gallon stocking suggestions?????

01-14-2008, 10:44 PM
I have a 55 gallon that i have cleared out. I am mostly interested in haps. I have kept mbuna in the past but they just dont do it for me anymore. Since a badly wanted 125 gal is not in the near future, i am looking for a long term setup. The venustus's grab my attention. Anyone have any experience with them in a 55 even though it is rather small for them? I enjoy breeding so a good combo or species tank is what i have in mind. If anyone has any suggestions, or experience with a similar setup, they would be very appreciated. Thanks.

- Jake

01-14-2008, 10:54 PM
hey jake. I would stay away from Venustus in a 55 gallon if you are wanting breeding and long term. I would say there are only a handful that would be "not good" to have in that 55 and they are one of them.

If I were just getting into some haps, and had a 55 gallon, I would definately do this... although im a little partial to t.reef because they are one of my favorites. They are not very hard to get, but still not some readily avaliable fish from a store.

2m/4f Taiwan Reefs
2m Albino Taiwan Reefs

you would have 4 males and 4 females. Not the greatest split for breeding, but this way you could have breeding (either straight up taiwan reef or mixed gene albino/straight taiwan reefs) as well as some good color variants. The fish at adult age will get up to 5-6" but nowhere near the 10" of a venustus, and 8 fish would be fine. After a couple years and the fish do get to their potential 6", you would have to probably move up tank size to a 75 gallon, or get the ratio down to around 2m/3f or so. You have to steer clear of mixing groups in this tank if you want some baby fish, so there is no hybrids going on.



if you have any ideas throw them out here id be glad to give my 2 cents or help!