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02-02-2009, 10:11 PM
The wild caught Synodontis Multipunctatus i just picked up at the auction Saturday spawned with one of my afra cobue. The cobue picked up a lot of the catfish eggs. When is the best time to strip them?

Also found a crystal black shrimp berried up today! I love days like this!


02-02-2009, 10:43 PM
I think those cats will hatch at about 3 days.

02-03-2009, 04:37 AM
Ya multies hatch out within 3 days. Don't let them get too big inside the afra's mouth, could get stuck, or start eating each other, but isn't it great to have those guys spawn!

Diamond Discus
02-03-2009, 06:58 AM
Wow, I guess your auction fish have already paid off. ~Congratulations~

02-03-2009, 07:22 AM
Congrats on the spawn. I think I read some people strip after 3-4 days. If you put them in an egg tumbler, add the cobue eggs. The cats will feed on them. go to planetcatfish.com they have alot of data on raising all sorts of catfish.


02-03-2009, 09:16 AM
Congrats on the spawn... that's awesome!

02-03-2009, 01:11 PM
congrats pete!! Thats cool that there already at it.

02-04-2009, 10:40 AM
That's aweful Pete. I tried to get my WC Multis to spawn for about a year now with out any luck. You have them for a few days and they go crazy :( I'm jealous.

02-04-2009, 10:58 AM
I've read sometimes cool the water to 72-74 deg. let the water changes slide for a month or two. than do a big water change and warm it back up to 78 deg. I suppose the fish sat in the cool bag of water long enough to trigger the spawn.

02-04-2009, 03:18 PM
did you get babies? I have had mine spawn with many different fish and only 3 species ever held them. I can remember posting pics of when they were spawning and when i stripped I had nothin. They can be a very frustrating fish to spawn, trust me I know.

02-04-2009, 06:37 PM
I will not know if the spawn is successful until Thursday, I figured I would strip them at that time and see what happens. The fryeri were spawning but I only saw the tail end of that and the cats were going crazy in the tank running around... who knows?!?!

I will post again when I know more. Either way, they are a great addition to the tank. Very active!