View Full Version : Ancistrus sp. "L-144 Bushynose Pleco"

05-30-2009, 10:30 PM
Member: Kris Nelson & Amy Heinen
Date Submitted: 8/23/08
Species ID: Ancistrus sp. "L-144 Bushynose Pleco"
Points: 10

Parent Fish Information

Male Size: 4" Age: 1.5 yrs Female Size: 3.5" Age: 1.5 yrs
Obtained: Both obtained The Wet Pet - Eldora, IA
Special care leading up to spawning: 50% Water Changes

Water/Tank Conditions

Tank Size: 20 gal Dimensions: 24x12x16 pH: 7.2 Temp: 79 deg Hardness: 150-300
Decorations: pleco caves, slate, driftwood

Lighting & Filtration

Lighting Type: Strip Watts: 15W Duration: 6 hrs/day
Aeration: powerhead Type of Filtration: undergravel

Fry Information

#Eggs: 35 #Fry: 35 First Food: algae wafers, green beans
Other Requirements: