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Thread: More pleco babies!

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    Default More pleco babies!

    Well I tried to get my albino longfin male to breed with a female by putting a male that already bred with him and 3 females together. I thought the experienced male would show him what to do and maybe trigger him to spawn with another female. I had one albino female one longfin albino female and a chocholate longfin female in with the two males. It appears not to have worked though as it looks like the albino standard male is sitting on at least 2 females eggs. Oh well better luck next time, lol. Btw I like these caves as the male cannot knock the eggs loose into tank. I have seen others have had that happen before here. I also like them because I'm cheap and these are pretty simple. I make the whole 3/4 around to 5/8.

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    Cool, looks like a lot of eggs. Thanks for sharing the pics Robert! :)

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    good job.

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