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Thread: kansas city fish stores

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    Default kansas city fish stores

    are there any good fish stores in the kc area?

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    Default Re: kansas city fish stores

    Quote Originally Posted by pcrawford1044
    are there any good fish stores in the kc area?
    We have a lot of stores. Most of them are bread and butter stores. What are you looking for? Not much in the way of different African Cichlids. Most of us that have them have gotten them elsewhere. We have quite a few breeders here in the area.

    This a reply I sent to someone asking about LFS. I did not include them all.
    This is just my opinion, I am not endorsing or slamming anyone.
    There are a lot of stores here in KC area. I haven't been to all
    of them myself.

    North of the river:

    **** The last time I was there it was an interesting store.
    Miles Of Exotics
    345 NW Barry Rd
    Kansas City MO 64155-2740
    Phone: 816-436-0884
    They sometimes get some unusual fish in. Probably the best
    north of the river.

    Fins & Foliage Inc
    7022 N Locust St
    Gladstone MO 64118
    Phone: 816-436-6062

    An old established store. The last time I was there they had
    angel fish spawning and raising babies in the store. I
    bought some healthy loaches there at a very good price. Mostly
    common fish.

    Northland Tropical Fish & Pets.
    2412NW Vivion Rd
    Riverside Mo
    I have only been there once. Nothing special, but I
    understand the store has changed owners.

    2600 Burlington St
    Kansas City MO 64116-3019
    Phone: 816-842-1810
    Large box store with good fish dept.

    Lawerence Ks.
    Pet World
    Definitely worth the trip. It is a interesting store with all kinds of creatures. It is almost a zoo.
    They get in a lot of different fish.
    not many African cichlids the last time I was there.
    It was over 2 years ago and I spent $66 on fish. Mostly Cory cats.
    Blue Ridge Pets orders with them so a lot of the different fish are at Blue ridge pets

    Kansas City Ks
    Aquariums Etc One of my favorite stores. I haven't been there in over a year so I have no idea what he has.
    7561 State Ave
    Kansas City KS 66112-2815
    Phone: 913-334-0393
    John is very a knowledgeable owner. very healthy fish. I
    don't get there very often, but worth the trip for me to
    visit with him.

    Mission Pet Mart, New location with a lot of potential to grow.
    913-236-PETS (7387)
    6900 Martway St.,
    Mission, KS 66202
    I haven't been there for several months. They are slowly building up their fish dept.

    Western KC Area

    Aquariums & Pets Wholesale-Public
    20700 W 151st St Great Plains Mall
    Olathe KS 66061-5352
    Phone: 913-831-7800
    I don't know much about this store. It has moved to this
    location since I was at another store there that has gone out
    of business.

    There several of these that have different fish. Independence store does not fish
    2008 E Santa Fe St
    Olathe KS 66062-1690
    Phone: 913-254-1900
    Best of the box stores I have been too.
    They have different fish. They are a little pricey, but
    fish are well taken care of.
    They will buy from the hobbyist.

    South KC area
    Blue Ridge Pets One of my favorite stores. Supports our Club. HAAS
    660 E Blue Ridge Blvd
    Kansas City MO 64145-1425
    Nice small store with good prices and some different fish
    Phone: 816-941-6611

    Pet Planet
    201 SE Grand Ave
    Lees Summit MO 64063-2821
    Phone: 816-246-5738
    Aron is our past president of HAAS.
    Lately he hasn't had many different fish.
    Not worth the visit at this time.

    Waldo Pets
    8011 Wornall Rd
    Kansas City MO 64114-5803
    Phone: 816-444-4522
    Used to be a good store, but it is not worth the effort to
    go at this time. They are redoing their fish dept.

    Eastern Kansas City area
    Brothers Pets Supports our club. HAAS
    4015 Sterling Ave
    Kansas City MO 64133
    Phone: 816-358-6005
    One of the oldest stores in the KC area in a new location.
    Nice selection of fish. You will find some different fish
    from time to time. A little pricey. Especially hard
    goods.The fish are washed out because of the bare bottom tanks and
    light background. I enjoy going there
    I have found some bargains there. They have some unusual fish.
    I went there today I saw a lot of different fish.
    Uaru cichlids
    Vampire Tetras
    Orchid loaches
    Hifin sharks
    tank busters
    nice swordtails

    Fish World Llc
    796 SW US Highway 40
    Blue Springs MO 64015-4602
    Phone: 816-220-7766
    Small store
    Not much there, but knowledgeable. They have some of the
    best prices on hard goods. They will order what you want in hard goods.
    They are redoing their freshwater tanks.

    A couple more I went to today.

    Fish Shack and City pets.
    both had clean tanks and the fish looked good.
    Just nothing special.

    I added this store. It is one of my favorites. Jesse, the owner is very
    pleasant and helpful.
    Not a lot different fish, But very clean and has the best
    prices around on hard goods. He is not open until after 3pm
    American Aquarium
    22 NE Highway 52
    Clinton MO 64735-9398
    Phone: 660-885-2948

    I didn't add any of the box stores PetsMart and Petco's
    ect. Except for the 2 I listed. I don't usually recommend them
    as a lot of their fish come from questionable sources. Pond
    bred fish=hybrid fish. They do not buy from the hobbyist
    so I usually don't buy from them. I have bought from them
    when they had specials on common fish.
    I hope this helps. If you have any questions about any
    other stores let me know. I did not include all the stores or Salt Water.
    There is always Cabela's and Bass Pro
    You could post on our HAAS forum and maybe the people close to these stores could tell you more what they have.
    I have 70 aquariums. My tanks are getting crowded with babies . I am keeping cichlids and livebearers. Way too many fish.

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    I haven't seen any for some time. When I have seen them they were multi's. Of course I have not been to very many of the stores lately. I used to see some at one store .but he doesn't seem to get any interesting fish anymore. I will look tomorrow when I am out. See if Kevin (loacheman) can get you any. I got some several years ago from one of his supplies through Todd Hancock. I don't have them anymore.
    I have 70 aquariums. My tanks are getting crowded with babies . I am keeping cichlids and livebearers. Way too many fish.

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