Deadline is midnight the 15th. This month's winner will receive a $25 certificate from S&M Angels

Rules are Submission of Photos:

Please e-mail your submissions or links to with "POTM" listed as the subject and your MCA Forum username, photo title, & species name so I can identify you, your photo, & your fish.

Contest Guidelines:

1. Any MCA Member is eligible to enter.

2. One photo entry per person.

3. The photo must be an original work by the submitter.

4. You may submit photos until the 15th of each month at 12:00 AM - Midnight CST.

5. Voting begins on the 16th of each month and will continue until the last day of the month at 12:00 AM - Midnight CST.

6. Photos of Cichlids, Catfish, & Plecos are very much encouraged, but photos of other fish are allowed.

7. Every effort will be made to keep submissions anonymous to ensure unbiased voting during the contest. Discussion will be allowed, but there will be no mention as to who submitted which photo. Also, please refrain from mentioning which photo received your vote. Please remove any personal copyright tags from the submission.

8. If there is a tie in the voting at the end of the month, there will be a 3-day run-off vote amongst the submitted photos in the tie.

9. The monthly winner of the MCA POTM will receive a Gift Certificate from one of our generous MCA Sponsors as a prize.

Thanks in advance for your participation & good luck!